Mattress Sale Fundraiser

We had a great parent meeting back on Sept 26, where one of the topics discussed was our Mattress Sale fundraiser, which takes place on Saturday Oct 22. So what we need now is everyone to keep spreading the word and keep talking to family and friends about the event.

1 in 10 people buy a new mattress each year. We will have 25 mattresses set up in a showroom in the auxiliary gym at the high school. Each mattress comes in every size, and there will also be adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, and bed frames.

Our goal is for each Bradley baseball player to find 2 people who need a new mattress. Every purchase helps the team.

Join the Facebook event and be sure to invite all of your Facebook friends. This was a big fundraiser for us last year, and we’d like to grow that number even higher this year.