Corporate Sponsorship Program

Why support the Hilliard Bradley Baseball Program?

  • Participants in school activities in general have higher GPAs, lower dropout rates, better daily attendance and fewer discipline problems than non participating students.
  • Participants in school activities feel better about themselves, about their schools and about their education than those who do not participate.
  • Participants in school activities generally have lower rates of tobacco and alcohol use during their season of competition than off season.
  • Participation in school activities is a better indicator of success in later life than either GPA or standardized test results.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors receive valuable exposure in the local community and increase business prospects including:

  • Outfield ad banner advertising
  • In-game announcements of sponsorship at field events
  • Exclusive event sponsorship for one baseball game
  • Coupon distribution

Signage at baseball and softball fields is seen by 200 to 500 people per week. Over 30 home baseball and softball contests combined. We are also hosting 7 tournaments, a men’s league, and 3 different youth organizations all through the summer.

Exposure designed to increase business prospects also includes:

  • Website and social media advertising
  • Professional radio spot during our live Game Day Bradley broadcast

On average 2-5K people per week are reached via HBH Schools social media outlets. Sponsorships are also acknowledged on the highly trafficked Bradley Baseball website.

Our 1st Goal – Indoor Hitting Facility

  • Currently, we share space with all sports programs in our basketball fieldhouse. Our goal is to fund a functional indoor hitting/training facility at our fields.
  • The addition of this building will provide a facility that allows more efficient training and improve player development for levels 7-12 grades.
  • This indoor hitting/training facility will be 80 ft long x 60 ft wide x 10 ft tall walls with an apex on the roof at 14 ft.

We Value Our Sponsors

The Hilliard Bradley Dugout Club is dedicated to providing superior customer service in the fulfillment of each sponsor’s package. We are committed to ensuring that each sponsor receives an easily executable package designed to achieve maximum value for their business.