Throughout the year the Bradley Baseball Program performs individual and group CrossFit challenges. These challenges are intensely grueling and truly put our players to the test both physically and mentally. Our offseason endeavors prepare us for our once a year, large CrossFit challenge known as Jagsanity.

Jagsanity takes place at the end of our offseason workout program and is comprised of a team event as well as an individual contest. The event starts with a team competition as each team pushes a truck 100 yards then flips a truck tire back to the start, while recording the times for each team. Individual team members then go through the workout which consists of the following;

  • 25 Burpees
  • 25 Dead Lift
  • 50 Situps
  • 25 Wall Ball Shots (12 lb)
  • 50 Mason Twist
  • 25 Reverse Wall Ball Toss
  • 100 feet of walking lunges
  • 45 pound plate push across basketball court

This is a difficult, but fun, once a year opportunity that not only provides competition between fellow teammates, but also brings the team together with a common goal: Victory!

You can see our first ever Jagsanity by viewing the video below.